Portrait of Niclas Brinkmann ForSURE's CEO


Co-Founder | CEO

Portrait of Daniel Hamandouche ForSURE's CTO


Co-Founder | CTO

Meet the Founders

The two founders are Niclas (CEO) and Daniel (CTO). Two young, ambitious founders who enjoy entrepreneurship and also like to code. They got to know each other during their studies. They formed an excellent founder team because they came from different academic backgrounds and had already worked on several projects together.

ForSURE's Team

Origin of ForSURE

While Niclas was working in a retail company, he was asked to take care of the company's EPR. First, however, Niclas needed to learn about the topic. He quickly realised that there was software that could be developed for this, so the two founders started to work on this idea, first only for his company, and then they realised that others had the same problem and made it a suitable solution for every business.

  • Vision

    ForSURE's vision is to simplify Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting across the European Union (EU). By reducing the complexity of following EPR regulations and streamlining reporting, we aim to save businesses time and resources.

  • Mission

    Our mission is broader than just simplifying reporting - we want to make sustainability accessible for all businesses. We believe in creating tools that are easy to use for everyone, no matter their size or sector.

  • Values

    Our core values are simplicity, accessibility, and innovation. We strive to create simple, user-friendly tools, making sustainable practices more accessible to all businesses. Innovation is integral to our approach as we continuously seek ways to improve our business and solutions with the latest technology.

Portrait of Henrieke Bünger ForSURE's CSLO



Blending Law and Sustainability

Henrieke, our Chief Sustainability and Legal Officer at ForSURE, masterfully combines European law with sustainability expertise. Her specialization in EPR compliance and environmental law is key to our global expansion and ensuring our software's accountability. Her work is crucial in adapting ForSURE for diverse markets, keeping up to date with newest legal developments and setting new benchmarks in responsible and sustainable business practices.

Portrait of Daniel Arians ForSURE's Marketing



Portrait of Isaak Siegenga ForSURE's Business Strategist


Business Strategist

Isaak's & Daniel's impact

Niclas and Daniel knew they couldn't do it alone when they started the company. They needed help, especially in the areas of marketing and strategy. Fortunately, they didn't have to look far. Isaak, an emerging talent in business strategy, and Daniel, a respected marketing professional, had the skills they needed. Daniel helps get the company's name out there, and Isaak always keeps the company moving in the right direction.